Over the rainbow

Per sobre de l’arc de Sant Martí

Scene from “The wizard of Oz” (1939)


Do you like bees?

T’agraden les abelles?

If your answer is “I don’t” you’d have to watch “BEE MOVIE“. This film can change your mind.

Si la teva resposta es “No” hauries de mirar “BEE MOVIE“. Aquesta pel·lícula pot fer-te canviar d’opinió.

BEE MOVIE (2007)

Do you like the song?

Here you can sing it along:


“Bee movie” version song (2007). Scenes from “Beat Bugs: All together now” (2017)

Original song by The Beatles (1969)

Read the clock

Llegeix el rellotge.

A nice tool to teach and learn how to read analogue and digital clocks in any language.

Una bona eina per ensenyar i aprendre a llegir els rellotges analògic i digital en qualsevol idioma.

Captura de pantalla 2017-05-07 a les 17.53.10

From: http://www.teachingtime.co.uk

GAMES(by Primary Games Ltd)

Stop the clock (level 1)

Stop the clock (level 2)

Stop the clock (level 3)

Stop the clock (level 4)

Stop the clock (level 5)

Bang on time

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