My favourite BUG

My favourite bug is “one-minute-fly“.

Do you know it?

You can discover about watching this short animation.

Have fun!


A film by Michael Reichert (2008)

33 comments on “My favourite BUG

  1. Pobre mosca pero al final aconsegeix fer tot el que s’ habia proposat.
    Quin final. 🙂

    • Arnau, I think the most importat to learn from this story may be that… One-minut-fly has very clear its goals in its short live (only 1 minute long!).:cry:
      Having a list of things to do (of goals to get) and my effort all may be possible in my live: this story shows it with a touch of humor. 🙂
      Human don’t have one minute live (luckily :roll:), so you can have a list of things to do before die but… I prefer having a list of Goals to get in my live! 😉

      And you? Have you any Goals to get in your live?

      Think about it… (pensa-hi…) ❓

      • Tinc un petit OBJECTIU m’ hagradaria aprendra a tocar la guitarra.
        Començo a ferlo realitat perquè ja men estàn començan a ensenyar hi per aixo espero ferlo realitat.
        Pero si no es compleix no pasa res perque segur que n’ entrovo un altre. 🙂

      • Good idea!
        I offer one more:
        -Comment in English in :mrgreen:

        Try it, Arnau. It’s no so difficult… Just make short sentences, like One-Minute-Fly does.

        For exemple, your goal is:

        ➡ Play the guitar.

        Difficult? 🙄

        Come on! Try it!

        If you want, you can. 😉

        See you

  2. Well, Ainhoa.
    Use google translator?
    Well if you do not explain it as well:
    Google translator puts only one meaning (happened to me, look at the comments.)
    Down puts many more words: bug has more than one meaning.
    If you do not understand married Anna: Watch when published!
    Because … Will be published, no?
    Well …
    I think not explain it good!
    (I also will watch it 😥 !)

      • Ainhoa and Hugo: you’re great!

        You’re having a conversation in English! Really!!

        It’s fantastic! 😮

        Come on! You can enjoy a lot learning in English. 😀

    • Well… Ainhoa, what kind of bugs are you talking about?

      In ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) a bug is an error, yes you’re right. And and you can hear about informatic virus, can’t you?

      But… when you are in bed, you have a high temperature (a fever)… Is it because an informatic virus? 🙄

      It’s possible you are falling in a linguistic muddle about “BUGS” 😆

      We can post something to clarify, can’t we? 😉


  3. Hi, Ana!
    In the google translator the buck it is a dollar but down puts “weight”!
    Weight it’s pes in catalan!
    The bunny it’s really fat!
    You can always try putting on YouTube (the tittle: The “Big Buck Bunny”)
    Well, Happy saturday and continues to hanging!!

    • Good job, Hugo.
      You catch how the languages is like a game to name a new character, can you see?
      TWO similar words that sound the similar:
      BUG – BUCK
      And a name (BUCK) with two strage meanings for a bug (dollar or fat!), but the bug really is fat, VERY FAT, 😆

      If you know more languages you understand more and it’s more fun, really!

      Well done!
      I’ve posted your favorite movie to share it with your friends.

      Enjoy it again!

      Thanks, Hugo! See you!

  4. Hi, Ana!
    It’s a bunny the protagonist of the film.
    I too was surprised when I saw it!
    You can discover why?
    (In YouTube you can see).
    Well, Happy saturday and continues to hanging!!

  5. Hi, Ana!
    My favourite little film is “The Big Buck Bunny”.
    Well, Happy saturday and continues to hanging!!

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