Aday’s CD-ROM doesn’t run

Some days ago Aday asked for help about starting his CD-ROM of Bugs World 3.

It’s possible that other kids have the same problem because sometimes autorun application is failing.

So, I’m going to say you the way to start the disc STEP BY STEP:

STEP 1: Close all windows opened and be sure that de CD-Rom is into the computer.

STEP 2: Click on My PC  (Mi PC o  El meu Ordinador)

STEP 3: Click over CD/DVD unit ON RIGHT BOTTOM of mouse:

a blind open, so choose “navegar o buscar o explorar…”  So don’t use the left bottom of mouse!)

Click-click on the folder “files“.

STEP 4:  Click-click on the file bugs_cd3.htm

So.. if any message is appearing you ACCEPT and… it may be OK!!

Good luck Aday!

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