I like strawberries!

Do you like strawberries so much than me?

Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons because there are a lot of different fruits in the market.

Look!  Delicious! 😆

How many fruits can you recognize?

How many fruits can you name in English?


By By en:User:Daderot. (First uploaded to en:wiki on 5 Apr 2005.) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0],
via Wikimedia Commons

The song of the day: Strawberry fields forever (by The Beatles)


6 comments on “I like strawberries!

    • Marc,
      Recorda que el catalankids es pot llegir des de qualsevol lloc del món.
      Si utilitzes l’anglès és més possible que la persona que ha escrit el comentari anterior et pugui entendre, no creus?
      Per saber qui es algú li preguntem: Who are you?
      En el cas de Marthafied si cliques en el seu nom veuràs que ens porta a un lloc web de Londres (London).
      Hi ha unes receptes boníssimes!
      There are some delicious recipes! 😉

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