CD-Rom troubles

Kai can’t use his CD-Rom  “Bugs World 3”.  It isn’t working.

El Kai no pot utilitzar el seu CD-Rom “El món de les bestioles 3”: No funciona.. 

Is the same happening to you?

T’està passant a tu el mateix?

Don’t worry. I’m going to say how to start the disc STEP BY STEP:

No pateixis. Et diré com engegar el disc PAS PER PAS:

  • STEP 1: Close all the windows and be sure that your CD-Rom is inside the computer.
  • STEP 2: Click on My PC  (Mi PC o  El meu Ordinador)
  • STEP 3: Click with the mouse RIGHT BOTTOM on CD/DVD unit,  to down the blind, and  choose “navegar o buscar o explorar…” .
  • Click-click on the folder “files“.
  • STEP 4:  Click-click on the file bugs_cd3.htm
  • So.. if any message is appearing, you ACCEPT and… the CD-Rom is working now! Isn’t it?

Good luck Kai and everyone!

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