What’s your favourite song in English?

Júlia’s favorite song is “When I’m gone” (“Quan jo hagi marxat”).

Thanks for sharing, Júlia!

(Gràcies per compartir-ho, Júlia!)

And here you are the original version from the movie “Pitch Perfect”

What about you?

What’s your favourite song in English?

33 comments on “What’s your favourite song in English?

    • Oh Pau, Are you talking about your favourite SON ? 🙄
      Have you already got sons? 😱
      You’re a really young father! 😅
      My son’s name is Joan.
      Have you got a son called Cloudy meatballs 2? It’s a very peculiar name for a boy. 😀

      • Hmmmm! I think you mean a SONG, aren’t you? 😅
        Please review spelling before sending a comment! 😉

    • Ok, Nerea.
      I’m looking for the lyrics and if it’s suitable for kids we can share it in the blog.
      Good night.

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