The discovery of America

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What a wonderful world!

Quin món tan meravellós!

Ara que estem aprenent a l’aula a parlar en anglès sobre els animals, aprofitem per aturar-nos a contemplar el món natural que ens envolta i prendre consciència de les seves meravelles.

Ho fem amb aquest vídeo on es recita la lletra de la cançó “What a wonderful world”, narrada pel divulgador cientific naturalista David Attenborough.

Esperem que us agradi!

We wish to thank Julia’s family 
who provided this document to the classroom
(“Tell me more” Project 2014-15)

subtitled version:

My home is your home…

Casa meva és casa vostra….

Map-of-Europe-with-CataloniaCatalonia is located in Europe, on the south of France. Its capital is Barcelona, the second largest city in Spain.

People in Catalonia can speak two languages: Catalan (Catalonia’s own language) and Spanish.
Catalan is the official learning language, but you usually listen both Spanish and Catalan in daily communicative situations at school.
Families from Catalonia often use both languages at home and most people are absolutely bilingual: they indifferently can think in Catalan or Spanish and change their speech in each language automatically.
So, children in Catalonia are bilingual from birth. I’m sure it’s the best fitness for Catalan kids’ brain to be able to learn other languages like English. Aren’t you?

You guessed: I’m proud of my home 😉

Animals: mothers and babies

Animals: mares i bebès

Learn the name of some animals and their babies. Play the clap game at the end of the video.

Aprèn el nom d’alguns animals i les seves cries. Fes el joc de picar de mans que hi ha al final del vídeo.

From SmartBrainChild Sunday channel

I like strawberries!

Do you like strawberries so much than me?

Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons because there are a lot of different fruits in the market.

Look!  Delicious! 😆

How many fruits can you recognize?

How many fruits can you name in English?


By By en:User:Daderot. (First uploaded to en:wiki on 5 Apr 2005.) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0],
via Wikimedia Commons

The song of the day: Strawberry fields forever (by The Beatles)