Happy back to school!

Feliç tornada a l’escola!


By The Learning Station

Are you wearing English?

Portes posat l’anglès?

Arnau is very happy to wear this T-shirt with… English!


You could use it to talk about feelings in English, couldn’t you? 😆

Thanks to share it, Arnau!


Aina’s question

Questions are the secret to learn.

So I think you may learn a lot of English and more.

Some days ago Aina asked  about how to add “feeling-faces” to text in the blog…

and I promised to post about this question.

“Smileys, also known as “emoticons,” are glyphs used to convey emotions in your writing. They are a great way to brighten up posts”.  smile emoticon

And as Aina asked…


*source: wordpress.org