Learning music in English

Aprenent música en anglès

Vull llegir aquest article en Català

Hi kids.

Do you know that… musical notes in English are called with names of letters?


piano keyboard edited

Now, you can try to learn how to ply the recorder, if you feel like it. 😉

Well… just your three first notes: B, A, G  (in Catalan are Si, La, Sol).


Please, let us know if you got it. 🙂

CD-Rom troubles

Kai can’t use his CD-Rom  “Bugs World 3”.  It isn’t working.

El Kai no pot utilitzar el seu CD-Rom “El món de les bestioles 3”: No funciona.. 

Is the same happening to you?

T’està passant a tu el mateix?

Don’t worry. I’m going to say how to start the disc STEP BY STEP:

No pateixis. Et diré com engegar el disc PAS PER PAS:

  • STEP 1: Close all the windows and be sure that your CD-Rom is inside the computer.
  • STEP 2: Click on My PC  (Mi PC o  El meu Ordinador)
  • STEP 3: Click with the mouse RIGHT BOTTOM on CD/DVD unit,  to down the blind, and  choose “navegar o buscar o explorar…” .
  • Click-click on the folder “files“.
  • STEP 4:  Click-click on the file bugs_cd3.htm
  • So.. if any message is appearing, you ACCEPT and… the CD-Rom is working now! Isn’t it?

Good luck Kai and everyone!