Beautiful boy

Nen preciós

“Beautiful boy (darling boy)” és una bonica cançó de bressol que John Lennon va escriure per al seu fill Sean.

Si seguiu la lletra hi trobareu la famosa frase de Lennon:

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”

“La vida és allò que et passa mentre estàs enfeinat fent altres plans”

A glad and wonderful world

Un món alegre i meravellós.

Kids may love singing and dancing with family this glad cover of the famous song “What a wonderful world“.  So this is the homework I’ve suggested to my students to do this week.

I feel lucky to be able to share with my students’ families their kids’ learning in class through Seesaw.

Collaboration between teacher and parents is one of the secrets of best education.


Happy Easter holidays!

Bones vacances de Pasqua!

Hi Kid!

Today we have said Goodbye at school and very soon we’ll say Hello again.
Avui a l’escola hem dit Adeu i ben aviat direm Hola de nou.

Take the most of next days and…
Aprofita al màxim els propers dies i…

Don’t forget doing “3 minute English” every day.
No oblidis fer “l’Anglès de 3 minuts” cada dia.